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Empowering women to reclaim their lives through Jesus Christ
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Carolyn’s Story:

“December 29th 2014, God has changed my life for the better. On that day God told me to leave the abusive relationship I was in. With trust and faith in the Lord, I did so. It felt like a great time to go and visit my Mom in Mississippi and my daughter. It was a wonderful visit.

While there, I got on the internet and looked up homeless shelters in Fort Walton Beach, and the first one I found was the Ronda Coon Home. I told my Mom not to worry because God had my back and I already had a job at the Liza Jackson School. I really felt positive about everything.

When I got back to Fort Walton I went to the Ronda Coon Home for Women and

knocked on the door. Ms. Debra answered, I told her that I found this address on the internet and that I was homeless. She said okay, come in and let’s go in my office. I filled out the paperwork, she did a background check and it all came out good. I felt the love in 

Ms. Debra, the love of the Lord in her. She told me that I could bring my things in, and it was the best night’s sleep I had in a long time.

God got me out of the bad relationship and has me in this Christian home, back on the

right track. Now I am able to live the life that I have wanted to do and have a

closer walk with Jesus. I’m able to save money so I can get my own place. This Home is

awesome, the ladies here are great and I am proud of them. All the women are here changing their lives. God is so good, he has us all here for a reason; and that reason is so we can have a closer walk with Him as well and get our lives back on track. I also believe he wants us to help other people.”

Peggy’s Story:

"At the loss of my husband in 1998 I became a drunk, drug addict, doing all the wrong things, above all going against the obedience of God.  I lost my home, car, and job and became separated from my family.  In the year of 2011 I was incarcerated for several years for drug trafficking to support my addition.

This is where Family Life Ministries came in my life.  During those dark years of addiction and incarnation I reached out to God to get me through this troubling time.  A few months before the end of my sentence, I realized I had nowhere to call home.  I finally realized that God did not leave me but I had abandoned him.  I was involved in a Bible Study which gave me a list of transition houses and Family Life Ministries stood out to me.  I knew God was working in my life.  Through my faith and God’s Grace Family Life Ministries stepped in and directed me to the Ronda Coon House.  This is when my faith in God was restored, as I entered this house and found it was more than a transitional house, it is a home full of Gods lovely servants.  As I entered the house I noticed a sign above the door that says “Enter with a joyful heart”. If you don’t when you enter you will when you leave.   Through the staff of Family Life Ministries, Ms. Judy’s Bible Studies brings us closer to God, Ms. Jennifer our counselor is always  finding us way of improvement for a new life and our House Mother Ms. Debra is not only a House Mother but  has a genuine love that goes beyond a house mother to fix our broken lives.

The Ronda Coon House has fulfilled my every expectation and more.  God’s spirit thru this ministry has brought me such joy and happiness.  I am now reunited with my family and ready to give my all to God.  I will always be thankful and pray for this wonderful fellowship full of Gods spirit and forever be grateful."